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In my mind, Wedding photography is the amusing work, but also a lot of pressured.

It is true that we get to work in the atmosphere where filled with love, happy, and joy. Which often all of those emotion directed out at the same time from multiple directions, so it quite challenging to photographer to capture those moment to be most memorable for them as best they could.

On the other hand, the wedding is one of most important event in life, there will be a lot of expectations to receive its best photographs, this kind of pressure effects the way to work, and sometimes we cannot deliver what was the true beauty of that wedding.

“Be your guest” is the way I work at the wedding, I put my shoes as a participant at the wedding, get rid out of the pressure and worry. So I didn’t have to plan much before the event began, mostly I didn’t think that I was on the job, I was thinking like I was their best friend and enjoy their wedding and capture it the way I saw their beauty, cherished their moment, absorbed the environment until I could conclude their story in my mind, through my eyes.

When we are able to blend in with the wedding, then we can get along with everyone, with everything, so we can get to capture anything more naturally.

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